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Gryphon Trio Outreach Event

On January 25, 2016 the Gryphon Trio performed an Outreach Concert for SACMS at the Edgewood Fine Arts Academy for music students. The trio played in the beautiful auditorium. It was a pleasure to hear music in such a great acoustic space, and it was also wonderful to enjoy Edgewood Academy’s beautiful new Steinway grand piano.

The trio played some staples from the piano trio repertoire including a movement of the Ghost Trio by Beethoven. The students were quiet listeners, and very attentive. One student asked a very sophisticated question about how the musicians achieved their various articulations. When time was almost up, and the cellist asked how much time was left, one student yelled out “an hour”! Clearly the students could have sat listening all day.

Submitted by Allyson Dawkins

Zemlinsky String Quartet Outreach Event

Bright and early, on a chamber of commerce perfect November morning, we set off with the Zemlinsky Quartet members to escort them to their Outreach performances.  First we headed to Clark High School where three classes of eager high school orchestra students awaited us.  The “Zemlinsky Boys” (as they cheerfully refer to themselves) lead the students on a lively tour of quartet music.   They played examples of music from the classical, romantic, and twentieth-century eras.  The students listened in rapt attention to the beautiful slow movement from Beethoven’s Opus 18, Quartet No. 1.  I saw no cell phones out and in use.  It was a refreshing and heartwarming inward listen to one of the most beautiful works in the classical music repertoire.

In the afternoon we had a completely different kind of musical experience as the Quartet visited the Sunshine Cottage School for the Deaf.  Almost all of the students at Sunshine Cottage have cochlear implants.  And all of the students have some sort of access to sound.  The children (K-5th grade) were completely engaged and lively throughout the concert, and had many questions for the musicians.  Board member Polly Spencer sprang to her feet at one point and volunteered insight as to how the instruments made sounds in a similar fashion to the vibration of our vocal chords when we speak.  We truly enjoyed our visit to the beautiful Sunshine Cottage and look forward to sharing the gift of music with their students again in the future.

Submitted by Allyson Dawkins

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Escher Quartet Outreach Event


A most successful Sunday afternoon concert was followed by an enjoyable dinner for the Quartet and SACMS Patrons. The Quartet discussed their forthcoming performances in Amsterdam and Italy and also their instruments. Outreach had been scheduled for the following morning at the Monarch Academy, a school dedicated to the care of special needs students. Temperatures in the 30’s and a wind made for a cold early morning trip. A warm welcome at Monarch soon dispelled any lingering chills. The musicians set up their instruments and the students arrived with the staff of the school. There was a hum of anticipation as the students went through the programs from Sunday’s concert.


The Quartet introduced themselves and played movements from Mendelssohn, Britten, Dutilleux and Ravel quartets. Each piece was preceded and followed by explanations. The students participated by describing their feelings in response to this very diverse music. Enthusiastic applause followed each musical offering. One student had a birthday and was serenaded by the quartet. This formed a fitting finale to a great outreach. The Escher arrived at the Airport energized and ready for their long trip to Amsterdam.

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