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Escher Quartet Outreach Event


A most successful Sunday afternoon concert was followed by an enjoyable dinner for the Quartet and SACMS Patrons. The Quartet discussed their forthcoming performances in Amsterdam and Italy and also their instruments. Outreach had been scheduled for the following morning at the Monarch Academy, a school dedicated to the care of special needs students. Temperatures in the 30’s and a wind made for a cold early morning trip. A warm welcome at Monarch soon dispelled any lingering chills. The musicians set up their instruments and the students arrived with the staff of the school. There was a hum of anticipation as the students went through the programs from Sunday’s concert.


The Quartet introduced themselves and played movements from Mendelssohn, Britten, Dutilleux and Ravel quartets. Each piece was preceded and followed by explanations. The students participated by describing their feelings in response to this very diverse music. Enthusiastic applause followed each musical offering. One student had a birthday and was serenaded by the quartet. This formed a fitting finale to a great outreach. The Escher arrived at the Airport energized and ready for their long trip to Amsterdam.

Modigliani Quartet Outreach Event

modigliani quartet

Following the outreach concert, the quartet spoke with students en francais. Outside of the Keystone theatre, the directors of music and French joined arms with the quartet, who were astounded by the warm weather on November 18th.

“It was a treat to have you and the San Antonio Chamber Music Society bring such a wonderful gift to Keystone School. The Modligliani Quartet was superb and the content of their outreach program was wonderful.”

– Mr. Gabrieal Gonzales, Music Director, Keystone School

Miro Quartet Outreach Event

Following an unusual performance (the audience got to vote on some of the pieces performed) on the SACMS formal series, the Miro Quartet gave a stimulating outreach concert for orchestra students at Lanier High School. Orchestra Director Ruben Zepeda brought some of his string students from Tafolla Middle School. Individual students were asked to identify the instrument in the quartet that had the melody at any given time. During a Q&A session, Mr. Zepeda asked about practicing. The Miro agreed that private practice is a necessary part of excelling in music and that it is better to do a little every day rather than cramming into one lesson. The outreach finale (which had ended the formal series concert on Sunday) was the enthusiastically received Orange Blossom Special.

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