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So… (don’t you just hate it when someone starts into a discussion of something with “so”?)  So, did you catch the Gryphon concert?  So, whadidja think?  I’m so glad you asked!  Me, I thought the concert was – what’s the word I’m looking for? – excellent?  exuberant ?  exceptional? extraordinary?

Okay, I’m out of “ex”es and “so”s.  Here’s the straight skivvy:  if you missed this one, you should now feel badly that you missed a beautiful performance from three uncommonly talented musicians.  If you were there, you left the Temple with a smile and, I hope, a feeling of satisfaction at having spent a Sunday afternoon learning about classical music and how trios can perform beyond their number.  One + one + one = more than three; these three musicians seem to equal more than the sum of their parts.

San Antonio Chamber Music Society presents the Gryphon Trio for the Las Americas Festival! Here's a glimpse of "Love Triangle" by Canadian composer from Sri Lanka, Dinuk Wijeratne -

Posted by Suhail Arastu on Sunday, January 24, 2016

A glimpse of “Love Triangle” by Canadian composer from Sri Lanka, Dinuk Wijeratne. Video by Suhail Arastu.

Furthermore, if you are a member of SACMS, you also enjoyed a really good dinner at a, well, a stable (in this case, the very classy stable at the Botanical Garden).  Not a member?  You would have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking with these 3 delightful Canadians (that would be Gryphon) over a gourmet dinner, and our after-concert dinners are always a great way to end the day.  You might want to look into it.

So, this is the kind of quality musical performance you’ve come to expect from the San Antonio Chamber Music Society.  Seventy-three years of Excellence.  That’s really amazing!  And there are two more concerts to come, don’t forget:  The Shanghai Quartet with Wu Man on February 28, and the Dover String Quartet on April 3.

So…see you there?  I hope so!

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