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Today I painted my toenails green – a bright, cheerful, Christmas-y green.  No one will see them but me, since the season for sandals has passed, but as I clomp around in my heavy winter shoes, I’ll know that my toenails are brilliant green and I will smile a secret smile.

And chamber music?  Well, it will be the last week in January, January 24th to be precise, before I can enjoy the most excellent Gryphon Trio, a piano trio that is known for what the LA Times calls a “bravura spirit.”  I’m not sure what that means, but I plan to find out.  I wonder if it’s anything like bright green toenails….

So, not having anything better to enjoy, I thought I’d paint my toenails green – and while the effect is not quite the same as celebrating the joy of gorgeous music, painting my toenails green does provide a glimmer of seasonal joy.  And by the time the Gryphon Trio comes to San Antonio Chamber Music Society and brings the joy of harmonies and performance excellence, I will be on my third or fourth rendering of green toenails.  I wonder if anyone will notice.

– E Doyle

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