Years of Outstanding Chamber Music Concerts

The SACMS is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, managed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. As the first permanent presenter of chamber music established in the State of Texas in 1943, the San Antonio Chamber Music Society takes pride in its rich history as it plans a future filled with musical luminaries.

The mission of the San Antonio Chamber Music Society (SACMS) is to bring to San Antonio and its surrounding area chamber music concerts performed by outstanding chamber music ensembles from around the world at affordable prices and to provide educational activities promoting the appreciation of chamber music in general.

Following each of our concerts, our custom is to sponsor a dinner to honor the artists, and facilitate an exchange between members and artists. Our contributing members (Patrons and above) are invited to attend these dinners for a nominal per-person dinner cost.

The Point of Chamber Music by Eileen Lundin

Chamber music is an old-fashioned term for a variety of musical genres performed by small ensembles. “Chamber music” brings to mind gentlemen in satin knee pants and powdered wigs playing Mozart... Today’s chamber music, however, is more likely to be ...

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A Brief History of the SACMS

The Society was founded in 1943 by Dr. Eric Sorantin, an accomplished Viennese musician who arrived in San Antonio in the early 1930s. Holding PhD degrees from the University of Vienna and Vanderbilt University, he toured Europe and South America as well as the U.S. as both violin virtuoso and conductor. He became active with several local performing groups, began to teach at universities, and founded the San Angelo Symphony Orchestra.

Perhaps Sorantin's greatest accomplishment was the establishment of the San Antonio Chamber Music Society in 1943. He gathered together a nucleus of prominent music lovers to launch the Society. The first concerts were held in the West Wing of the Municipal Auditorium. Founding members provided oriental rugs and other furnishings to create the proper setting for the programs. Guest artists quickly grew from local to regional to national and international in prominence.

Over the past seventy plus years the Society has presented the premier ensembles of the 20th century. Legendary names such as the Budapest, Hungarian, Paganini, Borodin, Amadeus, Juilliard and Guarneri String Quartets appear across more than a half-century of programs. Often the Society introduced rising young ensembles, early in their careers, such as the Quartetto Italiano, Alban Berg String Quartet and Tokyo String Quartet. Our objective remains discovery emerging artists who will become tomorrow's stars.

Looking to the future, we plan to continue our commitment to present the finest ensembles on the world scene today. An important mission is to offer educational programs by arranging master classes given by visiting artists and through providing free admission to our concerts for students. Our concerts are recorded for later broadcast on local FM station KPAC and National Public Radio's Performance Today. The SACMS is a charter member of the KLRITA Foundation, started and managed by The Detroit Chamber Music Society, in conjunction with the Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio.